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Posted May 16, 2016 by Alysson

Digital Strategy — blcreative powers up !

— Winning pitch.

 A sculpted digital strategy, and a fluid and intuitive digital architecture – the two core principles at the heart of a winning pitch, that assured EPP Group CoR with the confidence to award blcreative the exceptional opportunity to build a new generation website for Europe’s most successful and longest running political party.


blcreative's winning response. 

With a need to facilitate the communication of their political commitments and policies, EPP Group briefed-in their desire for a fresh new website, with a completely new structure, clearer content and more accessible navigation, to create more transparency and closer interaction with Europe’s people. Our response will be to develop a web-tool with a more direct and confident tone to facilite quick, clean and clear understanding for site visitors. The greater take-out will aim to reconcile and bring Europe’s citizens closer to their European institutions.

Who is the EPP Group – Commitee of the Regions ?

With their motto "think globally - act locally", the EPP group represents the interests of the many Cities and Regions in the European Union. EPP aims to channel it’s effectiveness and impact through their Regional Committee, to bring a more prosperous and peaceful future for Europe’s citizens.


— Restructured team. 

Following a great run of pitch wins, blcreative has invested in a new and restructured team. We have strengthened our resources to provide a faster and more efficient service, naturally in-line to the increasing demands of our growing client portfolio. Subsequently, since the beginning of 2016, our team includes some new names bringing some bright new talent : 


Alysson Baivier : Traffic & Community Manager.

With a diploma in Public Relations, Alysson acquired early international professional experience in Spain as an Agency Community Manager. A post at MAD Brussels followed, with responsibilites including the promotion and management of design and fashion events. Today, Alysson’s role at blcreative as Traffic & Community Manager sees her directly responsible  for digital project managment, user-experience development, and management of the Agency’s social-media presence.


Antoine Martinon : Digital & UX Designer.

With a Masters in Concept and Motion Graphics from the University of Rennes, Antoine takes the role of Digital and UX Designer at blcreative. With an endless appetite of discovery for the very latest in web trends and tendances, Antoine will bring new theories and innovative responses to those clients who are continually searching for the ultimate in user-experience and UX design.


Giuseppe Navarra : Designer, Social & Political Expert - 1 year internship.

Specialist in Political Communications with a Masters in Sociology, Giuseppe joins blcreative to further strengthen the digital design team, while his deep understanding of political and social landscapes provides the Agency with invaluable input when it comes to the development of targetted political campaigns and publicity.